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Tondar90 comes with impressive features for its price: CD player, power windows, power mirrors, ABS, airbag, air conditioning and central locking.
The 1.6 16V engine drives Tondar90 to unprecedented levels of performance. With a power output of 105hp (77kW) at 5,750rpm and peak torque of 148Nm at 3,750rpm, it takes Tondar90 from a standing start to 100 km/h in just 10.2 seconds and gives it a top speed of 183 km/h. Such power and performance make the 1.6 16V Tondar90 stand out from similarly priced cars, yet it was primarily for its smoothness and driving pleasure that the 1.6 16V engine was chosen for this version.
With dimensions that place it in the compact family class, the Tondar90 is bigger than you might expect and it is at least in proportion. Climb inside and the cabin boasts a modern and inviting design. The layout is ergonomically sound and it's not hard to find a comfortable driving position.
Although it isn’t an off-roader, it has 155 mm of ground clearance to deal with unpaved backroads, a common occurrence in areas where roads are poorly maintained.
With enough room for five passengers, Tondar90 is a massive step in the right direction towards improving interior and build quality. The dashboard design is solid and the layout straightforward. Its worth mentioning that all models of Tondar 90 are equipped with Front Seat Belts.