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Peugeot 405
Versatility, reliability, economy, and safety are some of attributes to Peugeot 405 GLX, making it one of the most popular executive sedans ever.
Safety and environment have been considered as top priorities in designing and developing Peugeot 405 GLX. The outer body is designed to absorb the energy resulting from a collision. The cabin structure instead appears very strong in crashes, protecting the passengers from injuries.
Four three-point safety belts have been provided for front and rear passengers as well as rear middle lap belt.
The 1.8-litre engine propelling 405 GLX is a reliable, efficient engine with low emission level complying with EURO-II regulations.
Standard equipment include air-conditioning, power steering, front power windows, keyless entry system, rear fog lights, metallic paint, tinted glasses, high-mounted stop lamp, power side view mirrors, radio cassette player, and height-adjustable steering wheel.